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Trust God's Vision for Your Life | Don't expect others to believe in you.

When you start sharing God's vision for your life with other people, they will question your sanity. A lot of people can only walk by sight and not by faith so it's hard to convince them of your faith. Your faith is between you and God and if you leave it at that and trust the vision God placed in your soul, it will work out for you.

You don't have to know exactly how it is going to work out but TRUST that GOD WILL SHOW YOU. Abram didn't know, Noah didn't know but both of them had unwavering faith. People thought they both were crazy but look at how God blessed them. God will bless you the same way, just KEEP the faith!

Genesis 12:1-3

Genesis 6:7

When God tells you to do something, do not question God or how you will be able to do it because God will not give you any responsibility that you cannot carry out.

The mission and vision in your heart has been placed there by God and he has also placed the gifts in you to carry our his will. Trust that you have been prequalified to carry out the tasks made know to you in the dark. Have faith even when others doubt you and it will come to light.

If you would like to explore this some more, I recommend you take some time to listen to a recent episode I made on Surrendering to God’s Plan and having faith along your journey !

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